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Protective Apparel

Our Protective Apparel Collection is soft, silky, fluid repellant, offers protection from blood and fluid strike-through to protect the skin from harmful liquids and blood borne pathogens. Personal Protective Apparel is an accepted form of Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment as provided in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030(d)(3)(i).

The unique fluorocarbon treatment creates a highly fluid resistant garment that protects from blood and fluid strike-through. This coating also prevents stains and provides exceptional chemical resistance. It provides advanced broad spectrum antimicrobial protection. Unlike other antimicrobials on the market, our treatment is permanent and non-leaching.

Upon direct contact with a microorganism, the antimicrobial treatment will disrupt the cell membrane, effectively destroying the organism. Its a protective garment that allows perspiration to escape, rendering it breathable and comfortable. The inside of each garment is brushed to increase surface area which improves airflow and vapor exchange.

Garments are 2-3 times more durable than traditional clinical apparel and withstand repeated washings without fading, linting or losing color. They are up to 20% lighter in weight than standard cotton fabric garments. Garments may be laundered in warm water, adding no bleach or softner, then tumble dried to re-generate the protective properties on the fabric. Garments still have their protective barrier if these washing instructions are adhered to correctly, and can be worn over 100 times.

Disposable garments, whilst still needed in certain working environments where laundering is not possible, contribute to environmental waste and may be used only once. There is 6,737 tons of waste per day is generated by hospitals. Eliminating disposable garments is one step in reducing biohazardous waste from landfills and incinerators.