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Technical Information

The fabric protects against all bodily fluids, blood, urine, feces and vomit, as
well as some chemicals.

Its unique fluorocarbon treatment creates a high level resistant garment that protects
from blood and bodily fluid strike-through.  This coating also prevents stains and
provides exceptional chemical resistance.

Fact:  Fluid repellency may be measured in terms of water pressure, expressed as
water column height in Millimeters.  The garment's fluid resistance is 27.5 cm while
cotton exhibits no resistance. Blood strike through may be measured by the impact
penetration test.  Average penetration of the fabric is less than 1gm (less than

Anti-microbial treatment

The fabric provides advanced broad spectrum anti-microbial protection.  Unlike other
anti-microbials on the market, this treatment is permanent and non-leaching.

Fact:  Upon direct contact with a micro-organism, the anti-microbial treatment will
disrupt the cell membrane, effectively destroying the organism.

Breathable and comfortable

We have created the protective fabric that allows perspiration to escape, rendering
it breathable and comfortable.

Fact:  The inside of each garment is brushed to increase surface area which improves
airflow and vapor exchange.

Lightweight, durable and non-linting

These garments are 2 - 3 times more durable than traditional clinical apparel and
withstand repeated washings without fading, linting or shrinking.

Fact:  The garments are up to 20% lighter in weight than standard Cotton fabric apparel.

Environmentally Friendly

A garment may be laundered, autoclaved and re-used up to 100 times plus.  Disposable
garments contribute to environmental waste and may be used only once.

Fact:  6737 + tons of waster per day is generated by hospitals.  Eliminating disposable
garments is one step in reducing bio-hazardous waste from landfills and incinerators.

Care and Laundering

Machine Wash Warm
Do not bleach
Must tumble dry to re-activate the protection properties on the garment
Warm iron if necessary
Do not Dry Clean
Do not use any fabric softener - as it hinders the protective properties on the garment


The garment/s can be Autoclaved at 250 degrees F for approximately 15 minutes.

Standard Technical Data The microfiber textile and chemical finishes have been tested by third party independent laboratories to establish and verify the efficacy and performance of the finished garment. Anti-microbial performance against gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast are documented by the treatment manufacturer as follows: Staphylococus aureus, gram (+) bacteria 100% reduction Escherichia coli, gram (-) bacteria 99.6% reduction Klebsiella pneumoniae, gram (+) bacteria 100% reduction Saccharamyces cerevisiae, yeast 99.9% reduction Citrobacter diversus (wound isolate) 93.6% reduction Pseudomonas seruginosa (urine isolate) 99.9% reduction Proteus mirabilis (wound isolate) 99.5% reduction. Manufacturer Code AMP 0665 F34 F81 Mass (g / sq meter) 140 (SABS 79) Fluid Repellency 0.1 g (Nelson Labs) Tensile Strength (warp) 500 N, 368.78 lbf (SABS 93) Tear Resistance (machine direction) 11.22 lbf (Nelson Labs) Tear Resistance (cross direction) 12.92 lbf (Nelson Labs) Abrasion Resistance 20,000 Rubs, no breaks (SABS 1009)

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